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Advise clients on their total wealth 

Are you able to view your client's entire portfolio at one place, analyse it and provide holistic advice?!

Our proprietary tech, machine reads investment, insurance & banking statements, available in various form/factors. It extracts & aggregates a user’s multi asset & multi currency portfolio data. 

We enrich the data for easy use and provide portfolio analytics. Delivery is available in both custom excel outputs & APIs.  

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By Numbers



Enterprise Customers 

Leading Fintechs 


Wealth Advisors 

Multi-family Offices

US$ 20B

Assets Under Reporting*


Data Sources: 

Mutual Funds


& Wealth / Broker Reports


PMS / Hedge Funds

Alternative Investments  



Extracts custom outputs - excel & json apis from any kind of portfolio pdfs, excels, htms & images

One View


multi asset class & multi asset data from different sources onto a single output 


Find gaps in a mutual fund portfolio. Visualize an RTA statement to view IRRs, Taxes, Exit loads

Data Security


We dont store any personal identification data in our databases.

We extract, enrich & analyse a statement in real time 



In our paid plans we sign strict confidentiality agreements and access to the code is also limited to designated individuals

Bank Grade Security

All data movement occurs in an SSL secure manner,

so that the transaction completely secure. 

We are

VAPT certified for additional security

Client Testimonials

Kartik kini.jfif
Kartik Kini, COO
Waterfield Advisors

"MFIT's relentless and high quality service has enabled

us to scale our

family office offering"

Sriram Iyer, CEO 
DWM, Anand Rathi

"Portfolio Analysis

with MFIT's analytics

is now a must have in our client on boarding process"

Chirag Nanavati,
MD, Asset Vantage

" MFIT with its robust API offering is the perfect data partner for our products for the North American market"


How it works?

Repetitive, manual document processing by human experts is expensive and inefficient, and should be obsolete. 

Extraction Engine

MFIT's platform uses natural language processing (NLP) to extract structured data from documents, despite the contextual nuances and oddities of human language. It only takes a few documents (2 - 100) to train the models, so you can spend your time and expertise on the highest-value work

Enrichment Engine

Post extraction of data we have an enrichment engine which standardizes supplements the information with various tags and keys to make the data more readable and consumable.


Analytics engine

Finally we also have an analytics part whcih is built in to support different kinds of decision parameters for insights into the data


This is available both the form of custom excel uploads or apis. Look for API documentation 

Other Products of MFIT include:  

GAPSHEET another product which works with the independent advisor community. The team has decades of experience in wealth management and investment banking and are all entrepreneurs

Extrct is a product from MFIT: We read Pdfs/ excels/ scan images to provide structured and tagged consumable data.


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Nagi Reddy

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