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bringing AI to wealth management

We specialize in bringing novel technologies to solve tough problems in wealth management reporting. 


We thrive with trippy solutions for wealth management companies, geared for the new generation of clients entering the investment market!  

Data Extraction 

Extract data from any kind of portfolio statement 

- Mutual Fund Statement 

- Equity Statement 

- PMS / Managed Accounts

- AIF / PE / VC Statements 


Smart solutions for smart wealth ops team. 

- Back office solutions 

Client Reporting

We create novel solutions to generate customised outputs for clients on the basis of social media graph theory

Smart Masters - Identifiers

Feel the magic of our Artificial Intelligence to find the unique identifiers for any investment instrument. 


Save ops hours in standardising the results.  


- IRR Calculations 

- Old holding values 

- Exit Loads 

- Taxes 

Custom Web Development & Mobile Wealthtech Apps

We create cutting edge client facing solutions which have enabled wealth management firms to delight their customers 

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